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out of Hemp Flower:

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Signature Hemp Flower

Our hemp flower is truly second to none. Try any strain from one of our three grades Platinum, Gold,
or Silver and you will see what everyone is talking about.

Our top shelf Platinum Flower is sure to turn heads. Our high end cultivators focus on growing these boutique strains in highly controlled environments where quality is the only goal. These strains are only available in limited quantities.


Our Gold Flower is nothing to shake your head at. Most of these strains are grown in indoor/climate controlled facilities. They come rich in terpenes and cannabinoids. With a nose second only to our Platinum strains.


Our Bronze Flower has great quality and a great price. With a mix of different green house and outdoor strains there are plenty of options to choose from with a price that you will love.

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Five Stars Frosted Fire. This one is uniquely exceptional, big fluffy trichome placed buds with red hairs. Absolutely Gas Sour apple smell with hints of earthyness. This one is definitely a must-have for the big 3. I call it, the look and the smell.


Limey, earthy aroma, more like a sour apple. On breaking down the nug, smells like green apple candy. Smooth, flavourful vape. The strain is sativa.

Kat K.

I was beyond happy with my Torch from Frosted Fire. The Watermelon Dreams Torch was of amazing quality. The flower was amazing and I love the company, customer service and also the effects of the Cbd flower. I for sure will be ordering again Thank you for providing me with great service and fire CBD Flower.

Jason J